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In addition to general dental services, we offer services in cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, and orthodontia (Invisalign). Below are some descriptions and images (click on the description to see the images). All photographs are of services performed by Dr. Schonberg on his patients. CLICK ON PANELS BELOW TO OPEN IMAGES.

Bonding refers to the process of adhesion of resin to tooth, but has become a term for the resin material itself. In our office tooth colored bonded resins have replaced the metal amalgam (silver) fillings. In addition, bonded resin is great for fixing fractured teeth.


pre and postops



Implants provide the ability to replace a missing tooth, or missing teeth, without the need to cut down adjacent teeth as with brdiges. The implant is really a three tiered prosthesis; the implant fixture is placed in the bone, then once healed and uncovered, the abutment is placed, and then a crown made to fit over the abutment.





Invisalign is the invisible system of moving teeth without wires or brackets. Computer designed clear trays carefully move teeth. The trays are removable, so teeth can be cleaned and flossed, maximizing dental health. The system is truly amazing, and invisible!



Porcelain Laminates (Veneers):
In just two visits teeth can be transformed into beautiful teeth. Below are several examples of patients treated by Dr. Schonberg



pocelain laminates

Porcelain Crowns:
Porcelain crowns come in a vairety of porcelains (Procera, Empress, etc) but all have the advantage of looking natural without the unsightly black line at the gumline frequently seen with pocelain fused to metal crowns.


UnderArmour Performance Mouthwear


We are proud of the advanced technology which our practice uses:

* Digital Radiography (low dose X-rays)
* Kavo Diagnodent (Laser caries detector)
* Vita EasyShade (computerized tooth color/shade analyzer)
* Intraoral Imaging (photos taken inside your mouth)
* Hi-tech endo (Digital apex locators, NiTi files)

All dental work shown in the images was done by Dr. Schonberg.